Thursday, March 16, 2017

Forum on Darag chicken conducted for farmer entrepreneurs

Engr. Ballano shares his experiences as Darag chicken farmer entrepreneur

The College of Agriculture, University Research and Development Center (URDC) and University Extension and Development Center (UEDC) conducted a forum on Improving Growth and and Reproductive Performance of  Darag through Science and Technology last  March 15,2017 at the Research and Extension Building in West Visays State University. Farmer-entrepreneurs as well as project stakeholders held a lively sharing of Darag chicken raising and marketing experiences with the participants.

To further enrich the knowledge of the participants, resource speakers were tapped to share their expertise on the technicalities of raising healthy and profitable Darag chickens. ISCOF faculty member Engr. Salvador Ballano, Jr. shared his personal experience as a Darag chicken entrepreneur. WESVARRDEC Director Prof. Lucia  Lastimosa talked about feeding formulation sourced from vegetables. Meanwhile CAF faculty member and Darag focal person Dr. Helen Genandoy shared the road map of Darag by farmer-entrepreneurs.


Darag farmers consult with Darag focal person Dr. Helen Genandoy 

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